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Tilt & Turn Series


The THERMOPLAST Tilt and Turn product line, with its touch of European styling, was developed for the North American residential, commercial and institutional markets.

Some of the features of this multi-functional, high-end window product line are: different depths of frames suited to a variety of construction purposes, the optimized thermal design of the profiles, and the option to use Ig configuration up to 42mm (1 5/8").

The THERMOPLAST tilt and turn window series exceeds industry standards and achieves a thermal performance of R8 and RE48 with energy efficient glass.

Tilt & turn window handle
Tilt & turn window
Tilt & turn window opening
Tilt & turn window awning opening

Features & Benefits

  • Beveled multi chamber frames (17) suited for several construction details 3 ¼” (83mm) and 4 ½” (114mm)
  • Beveled multi chamber sashes (15) designed for dead air insulation and high energy and structural performances
  • Different sash height offer (80mm and 110mm), for window and door application
  • Insulated glass package up to 42mm (1 5/8") for optimal thermal value
  • High-quality continuous compression weather seal on frames and sashes for air tightness, high water penetration resistance and high acoustical protection benefit.
  • Integrated nailing fin option on frames
  • Integrated groove detail for installation strip usage
  • Designed to accommodate hidden hinges hardware system
  • Outside and Inside accessory grooves on frames for a wide selection of standard options
  • Steel reinforcement for higher structural performances


Personalize your windows with various options:

  • Nailing fin
  • Triple pane I.G.
  • Integrated grills
  • Interior and exterior mouldings
  • Wide range of colors
  • Hybrid version - 6" Frame
    (Aluminum exterior / PVC interior)
    Standard exterior colours: White, Black and Clear anodised.

Performance table

Models Standards Air tightness Rating Size
(48" x 71")
Tilt & Slide AAMA/WDMA/CSA
(95" x 83")
A3 CW-CP100-FW
(71" x 71")

Different combinations

Video available in French only.

This multi-functional window system can be used and fabricated in different combinations.

Dual Action / Tilt and Turn window and door

Two functions: the top of the window or door sash tilts in and opens by swinging inward

Tilt and Slide window and Door

The top of the window or door sash tilts in and the sash slides laterally

French Casement Window

Casement window

Hopper Window

The head of the window tilts in

Fixed window

With the steel reinforcement, the fix window allows large-sized panels

Swing Door

Same design to match your windows


The THERMOPLAST Tilt & Turn product line ensures superior structural performances, air tightness, safety and security, high acoustical protection benefits and energy savings.


Superior efficiency exceeding industry standards. Designed and fabricated to meet Passivhaus standards and LEED Certification criteria for 3 points. Also ENERGY STAR® certified in all North American zones.


High-quality continuous compression weather seal on frames and sashes for maximum air and water tightness.


Even when the window is open for ventilation, its partial opening in the upper part of the sash limits the risk of forced entry and protects children and adults against potential accidents and injuries.


95˚ opening for easy maintenance.


High energy efficiency to reduce the loss of heat and save on your energy bills.


Fabricated as per the eco-design criteria and sustainability, taking in consideration the environmental impacts.

Passivhaus • Leed • Energy Star®

  • Designed and fabricated to meet Passivhaus standards
  • Meets all LEED certification criteria for 3 points
  • Qualifies as a component for any Highly Insulated Building and first class energy assessment
  • Energy Star® certified in all north american zones
  • Made to reduce energy consumption and slow climate change through use of sustainable building elements
  • Manufactured using Eco-Conception and End of Life design to reduce waste
  • Most energy-efficient windows available in the new construction market

Performance Series

The most innovative and energy-efficient windows on the market, perfectly adapted to the needs of manufacturers and their customers.

Custom Window Systems

Advanced extrusion technology serving engineering.

Survey carried out on July 12, 2024
THERMOPLAST team’s satisfaction